One year data

If we look at the one year data for a robotic partial knee replacement where we compare the one year survivorship (ie. the implant not needing to be revised) of the robotic knee (Restoris) it compares significantly well to other prosthesis including the most commonly used prosthesis (Oxford).



This first year data shows your chance of revision for a Robotic Partial Knee replacement to be under 1%. For the more common of the prothesis used it is 2-3.5%, ie 3 to 4 times higher.

In fact for a long time the Australia Joint Registry has steered surgeons away from partial knee replacements because of higher revision rates compared to total knee replacements. As you can see from the graphs below again form the 2017 joint registry unicompartmental (partial knee) replacements have around 3 times the revision rate at 10 years compared to total knee replacements.




The Future

If robotic partial knee replacements continue on their excellent path they will have a revision rate of one third of those done without a robot and start to have the excellent revision rates we associate with a total knee replacement.

With the use of the robot many of us believe we can further improve the survivorship of total knee replacements also.

We have to wait for more data over the coming years but so far what we have is extremely encouraging.


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