Knee Surgeon Melbourne

Shane Blackmore has a sub-speciality interest in knee surgery. More specifically this includes management of sports knee injuries, as well as the use of robotics for knee replacement surgery.

Shane works at the Austin Hospital, a major public hospital. He is the director of Orthopaedic Training at the Austin and focuses on treating knee injuries. He performs a large number of ACL reconstructions, as well as other arthroscopic surgeries, including meniscal repairs and cartilage procedures. He has a particular subspecialty interest in complex knee injuries.

In private practice, Shane treats all types of knee problems, including the use of robotics to aid in knee replacement. The use of robots has lead to an increased number of people avoiding a total knee replacement and instead being indicated for a unicompartmental or partial knee replacement. This is an area in which Shane has particular training and a special interest.

For commonly performed procedures, as well as rehabilitation protocols for many of Shane’s knee procedures, see below.

Knee procedures

ACL reconstruction
PCL reconstruction
Multi-ligament reconstruction

Meniscal surgery

  • Repair
  • Transplant
Cartilage replacement

  • Microfracture/deNovo/Biocartilage
  • OATS
  • Subchondroplasty
Patella femoral stabilisation

  • MPFL reconstruction
  • Tibial tubercle osteotomy
Knee replacement